The “What” and “How” of Wire Harness Cable Assembly

The “What” and “How” of Wire Harness Cable Assembly


What is Wire Harness

Wire harness also known as a cable harness, wiring assembly or cable assembly. A wire harness is essentially a group of wires or cables which are assembled together electrically and/or mechanically to transmit electrical power or electronic signals. It usually includes components, such as cable lugs, connectors, plugs, label, strain relief, heat shrink, splices, and anything else imaginable. In other words, the wire harness assembly is a group of wires or cable that are put together to form a single specific application that is indicated on a cable assembly diagram. Wire harnesses are most likely assembled at off-site locations and use as factory installed components at an end-product manufacturing facility.

How is Wire Harness Constructed

Each wiring harness is constructed in accordance with a wire harness drawing. The quantity and types of cables contained in the wire harness is depends on it application. For example, many assembly machines contain large quantity of cable which can stretch over several meters depending on the machine physical size. By binding many cables and wires into a cable harness, the cable and wires can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, optimizing the usage of space, prevent wires and cables from damage, and prevent shorts. Instead of laying multiple wires, the installer has only cable harness to install, hence installation process can be easily standardized and reduce installation time. The end result is a highly secured and systematic installation process with minimum error and shorter time to market product.

Although with the advancement of computer technology along with many other modern tools, the actual creation of the wire harness is generally continues to be done by hand. The quality of the wire harness is therefore the direct result of the workmanship of the installer. The careful assembly of all the components used and correctly aligning all of the wires or cables involved in the design require the installer to have an eye for detail  before it is possible for manufacturers to make enough wire harness cable assembly product on a standard work day to generate adequate profits for the company.

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