SMS Alert System

SMS Alert System – A Simple Solution For Critical Alarm Monitoring

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a very useful and non-intrusive messaging method for machine-to-person communication that is important and/or time sensitive. It is ideal for remote monitoring applications where the facilities being monitored are scattered, deserted, unmanned or mission critical.

SMS Alert System is engineered as a cost effective fast deployment remote monitoring solution. When a predefined alarm condition happens, it deliver predefined SMS to pre-configured mobile number of employee or contractor who are responsible for the facilities it is monitoring. It also allows those mobile phone users to trigger an output by using predefined SMS to change the statue of devices to contain the alarm before help arrival at the facility.

SMS Alert System iAlert 868 - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

iAlert premium 868 is a compact yet powerful standalone SMS Alert System for remote monitoring and control device. Based on GSM technology, when any of the digital inputs is triggered or analog input is above threshold value, this iAlert will send a SMS alert messaging to user.
The user can also send SMS to iAlert to turn on/off the equipments at the remote sites.

SMS Alert System Benefits

  • • Low upfront investment cost and low maintenance
  • • Fast, easy and flexible deployment
  • • Standalone operation, does not require a computer
  • • Design and build for 24x 7 operations with low power comsumption
  • • Build in intelligent for making local decision
  • • Reduce facility down time
  • • Improve response time to alarm detection


Application of SMS Alert System

  • • Mechanical & Electrical Facilities
  • • Fire & Security Alarm
  • • Panic Alarm
  • • Data Center
  • • Cold Room and Freezer
  • • Temperature or Humility monitoring
  • • Access Control
  • • and etc


Is Your Facility Down Time A Concern?

SMS Alert System is an excellent tools for centralized wireless monitoring. It is design to be a standalone monitoring unit with the capability to meet all aspects and applications of facility and machine monitoring, control  and management. When an alarm states occurred, its sends SMS alerts notification to users instantaneously.

SMS Alert System help businesses to effectively monitor, control, and manage various types of facilities and critical system. Talk to us about your concern and we shall demonstrate to you how SMS Alert System can make a difference.


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