What is Telemetry?

It is a wireless data transmission technology through a distance.  It also refer to data transferred over other media such as a telephone line, computer network vie UTP or  optical cable  and other wired communications such as RS232 and RS485.

Exxel Technology Telemetry Solution – Any Time, Any Where Safeguard Your AssetTelemetry - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

Exxel Technology focused on providing cable free solutions for industrial applications.  Our telemetry solution take advantage of the low cost GSM cellular and fixed line telephony networks by using SMS to transmit and receive telemetry data. Our wireless RS232 telemetry solutions provide you with a reliable cable free communication for your equipment via the 2.4G radio frequency range. It is ideal for PC to PC, PC to machine, or machine to machine communications for both indoor and outdoor application. Our devices have been designed with the user in mind so that they are easy to configure and install.

Telemetry Application

Remote monitoring and remote data logging are 2 main applications of Telemetry solution. It provide many benefits such as saving on transportation, improves operational & production efficiency and etc. Machine to machine communication vie wireless RS232 is another common application when laying of physical communication cable is not viable. Wireless transmission of point to point serial links eliminate the need for physical connection between 2 machines.


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