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iTape 7120 Tape and Reel Machine

iTape 7120 is a semi-automatic Tape and Reel Machine designed around a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It is purpose build as a as a low-cost solution for  packaging projects that require broad versatility to handle virtually any type of ICs, connectors, transformers, transistors, crystals components and other odd-shaped components.IC Packaging Equipment Tape & Reel Machine iTape 7120 - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

The iTape 7120 Tape and Reel Machine is engineered for reliable, continuous-duty packaging of surface mount components in a production floor. It is  suitable for both heat sealable and pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes. And the iTape 7120 Tape and Reel Machine can accommodates  a wide range of tape sizes. Other advanced features, it include micro-stepper controlled tape drive, high-reliability optical sensors, high precision micro switch, touch screen operator panel, temperature controller, independent “floating” sealing knife, fault condition display, compress air filter with regulator and etc.

The operator loads components into tape by hand or a vacuum wand while utilizing the foot switch to smoothly advance the tape. Optical sensing counts the parts to your pre-set value, and insures that there is no missing part in any pocket in your production run. Due to the high resolution micro stepper motor, the  iTape 7120 Tape and Reel Machine can operate in either continuous feed mode for standard manual loading — or in pocket indexing mode to accommodate a vision inspection camera (optional) or to allow the user to fully automate the tape loading process.

Easy setup combine with robust industrial grade construction the iTape 7120 Tape and Reel Machine is the perfect solution for high mix packaging production.


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