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iPeel ET1180 is a Peel Force tester specially designed to test the sealing quality on the carrier tape to verify if your packaging systems are within specification. With constant speed and angle throughout the whole process, the peel force tester captured and record the peel force in the computer for graphic pass or fail analysis. This unique ability helps you to relate the feeding and running speeds of a your carrier tape to its surface characteristics.

iPeel ET1180 Peel Force Tester incorporates new technology and performance features to make setup easy, minimal maintenance and accurate calibration. The Peel Force Tester can accommodate tape widths from 8 mm to 120 mm and operates at peel speeds of 120 mm to 300 mm per minute. It can be ordered with an optional netbook computer or desk top computer to allow accurate control, setup and recording.

 iPeel ET1180 Peel Force Tester Software features:

iPeel ET1180 Peel Force Tester Software Feature - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

  • Enter part number
  • Max, min and range peel force value
  • Measured peak/low peel force value
  • Mean and standard deviation peel force value
  • Pass or fail status
  • Graph printout


What is the Peel Force of your Carrier Tape?

Peel force is a critical parameter for Carrier Tape.  If the peel force is too low,  the components may fall out of the pockets since the cover tape will not stick on the carrier tape properly.  A  peel force which is too high will disrupt the operation of the Pick & Place machine, causing valuable production down time. iPeel ET1180 is the ideal tool to measure the Peel Force on your production floor.




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