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iPeel & iTape – Clearly A Preferred IC Packaging Equipment

Exxel Technology
recognizes that our customers expect value in their packaging. That’s why our IC Packaging Equipment are up to the challenge. It is engineered for reliable, continuous-duty packaging of surface mount components in an industrial environment.

Arm with 18 years of experience in providing automation system to the electronics industry, Exxel Technology has emerge as a strong leader in the area of IC Packaging Equipment for the semiconductor and circuit assembly industries.

Tape & Reel Packaging Equipment

Tape & Reel Packaging Equipment - Exxel Technology Pte LtdTape-and-reel is a widely adopted packaging standard for IC chips for safe transfer to customers for final assembly. As more devices are packaged into tape & reel media, the performance of tape & reel packaging equipment is becoming more critical to the reliability of the packaging. To fulfill the demand for reliable, high volume tape & reel packaging solutions, we design and manufacture high quality Manual Tape & Reel Machines and Tape Peel Force Analyzers for component manufacturers, circuit assemblers, distributors and contract taping houses.

Although tape & reel is not a complex process, there are specific requirement that need to has to be fullfil to ensure successful packing of the units. With Exxel IC Packaging equipment, namely iTape and iPeel, we have continued to provide an invaluable service to our loyal customers. We’ve protected their most valuable assets, their products, with our in-house custom design IC Packaging Equipment.

We Customize Packaging Equipment To Suite Your Need

Should our existing IC packaging equipment specification does not meets your exact requirements then Exxel Technology is definitely still your solution!

We can develop a custom IC packaging equipment, from concept and design, to custom tooling and programming, for customers who may have cut back on their own packaging staff or simply must have the entire process streamlined in order to get their product to market at just the right time for just the right price.

While allowing our customers to concentrate on what they do best, we take full responsibility for ensuring they delivered the quality products they demand to protect their investments, leaving Exxel Technology responsible for component packaging quality.


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