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Whether you need torque sensors for rotary torque, axial torsion or reaction torque, you don’t have to be an expert in torque measurement, because we are.


What is Torque Sensor (Torque load cell)?

Torque  Sensor also commonly known as a Torque Transducer. A Torque Sensor is a transducer that converts a torsion mechanical input into an electrical output signal. It is a device for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system, such as an engine, crankshaft, gearbox, transmission, rotor, or a bicycle crank. Static torque is relatively easy to measure. Dynamic torque, on the other hand, is not easy to measure, since it generally requires transfer of some effect (electric or magnetic) from the shaft being measured to a static system.

The HBM torque range includes torque transducers and flanges, as well as non-rotational torque transducers for measuring reactions.

How to select a Torque Sensor?

Selection of Torque Sensor can be complex since there is no one torque sensor that will fix into all application. There are some critical factors you should consider when you are selecting a Torque Sensor. Understanding your application, mounting space available, torque capacity, the type of torque your torque sensor is measuring.  Is it reaction torque or rotary torque? These are crucial parts which you must first consider.  Select an instrument the same time you select the Torque Sensor for your application. This will help you ensure instruction and torque sensor compatibility and also to make sure the instrument sampling rate is sufficient to capture all torque changes at given RPM or break-away torque.

Why HBM Torque Sensors

HBM TN Torque Sensor - Exxel Technology Pte LtdHBM is a worldwide leader with over 60 years of history in the development and production of Torque Sensors of difference types, including flange, shaft and square – for over 60 years! It utilizes high quality material with ruggedness and precision and, at the same time, competitive prices.

From measuring range (Nominal rated torque) of 0.1N•m to 300000N•m and nominal (rated) speed  of 1000rpm to 24000rpm, HBM offers the most comprehensive selection of Torque Sensor available on the market today.

Talk to us about what sort of torque you need to measure, and under what conditions and constraints. We’ll walk you through the specification process, quickly and efficiently. With HBM wide range of Torque Sensors there will be a match meet your exacting requirements.


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