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For over 60 years, the name stands for reliability, precision and innovation for over 60 years, over the world. The company is the technology and market leader and offers products and services for an extensive range of measurement applications in many industries.

HBM Force Transducers (Force load cell)

HBM Load Cell - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd
HBM force transducers and force sensors convert a force into electrical signal via a 2 stages process. It measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads – with virtually no displacement.  Force transducers and force sensors can be supplied in the most varied of designs and classes of accuracy.
HBM’s high quality load cells and weighing technology components can be found in almost all sectors where goods are produced, processed or controlled.



HBM Torque Transducers (Force load cell)

HBM Torque Sensor T12 - Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

A torque sensor or torque transducer is a device for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system, such as engine, motor, crankshaft, gearbox, rotor and etc.

The HBM torque range includes torque transducers and torque flanges, as well as non-rotational torque transducers for measuring reactions. Slip-ring or non-contact signal transmission is used exclusively. A proven range of couplings is also available for torque transducers. Torque transducers are also called torque load cells.



HBM Customized Transducers & Sensors

If you have special requirements for your measurements, why not rely on HBM transducers and sensors. Even if the HBM standard range of transducers and sensors don’t meet your specific requirement, HBM is still your preferred choice as HBM can design and build a transducer and sensor that optimally will match your specific application. HBM develops and manufactures custom sensors and custom transducers in flexible designs and quantities that optimally match your specific application. Why not benefit from the market leader’s experience and know how to get your custom designed transducers and sensors while you focus your on your core competence.


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