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Wire Harness & Cable Harness. Complete Cable Assembly Services from Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

Wire Harness and Interconnects Assembly’s Services

Exxel Technology provides low volume high mix end-to-end specialized wire harness. Also known as cable harness and interconnects assembly’s services. We were established to be a one stop service and solution provider for customize cable and wire harness with commitment to customer service, quality, traceability and supply chain inventory management systems. The challenge of developing a concept, applying the engineering and transitioning to production can be time consuming. Our aim is therefore to provide a complete cable and wire harness solution so that you can operate leaner, stay focused on your key competences and channel your resources for other critical needs while leaving the requirement of cable and wire harness need to us.

Being an experts in low volume, high mix wire harness manufacturing, our experienced cable assembly team offers complete customized wire harness solution. Including cable design and drafting services, cable assembly, quality control and technical support. In the initial product development stage, our wire harness team comprised a group of experience members from various functional department. They will work collaboratively with you to identify product requirements. And strives to develop an optimum customized cable assembly solution with high durability and reliability interconnection, ensuring the connectivity between the cable and connector.



All Wire Harness Are Tested to Ensure Quality and Performance

All cable and interconnect cable assembly and wire harnesses are tested and certified to ensure quality and performance. Exxel Technology provides customized cable and wire harness services for many of the world’s leading manufacturers ranging from Automotive to Marine, Electronics to Oil, Medical and etc.

From prototyping to low volume high-mix cable and wire harness production, Exxel Technology has the experience and manufacturing know-how to provide complete cable and wire assembly solution to suit your specific needs. We can stock hold your finished cable and wire harness in preparation for when you need them; we can also flexibly deliver your cable and wire harness to meet your production requirements. By using our cable and wire harness service, you can concentrate on your project in hand whilst we take care of your cable and wire assembly need.


IPC WHMA 620 Cerification Logo of Exxel Technology Pte LtdWhy not leave your requirement of cable and wire harness to us while you focus your critical resource on your core competence. Exxel Technology cable and wire harness service enable you to reduce your cost of ownership, speed time-to-market with quality product, meet your production ramp requirements through our scalable programs and improves your cost-effectiveness by allowing you to streamline your operations.





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