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Explore how Exxel Technology Contract Manufacturing Services can help you reduce your cost, shorter time-to-market with quality product, and meet your production ramp requirements through our scalable programs.

In today’s competitive environment. Product life cycles become shorten, time-to-market becomes more and more critical. It is becoming more difficult for many companies to perform every process and activity required to build their product. Original equipment manufacturers or OEM’s are looking to outsource to better utilize their limited resources and lower their total cost of ownership.  Contract Manufacturing allows our customers to operate leaner, and to focus on their Core Business. It improves your cost-effectiveness by allowing you to streamline your operations.

Exxel Specialties in Contract Manufacturing Services

Exxel Technology specializes in providing one-off manufacturing as well as higher volume production. Our lean business model allows us to cost effectively produce products and assemblies to your specifications using either customer consign or Exxel Technology sourced materials.

Our core competence in Global Sourcing, Cable Harnessing, Panel Wiring and Electro-mechanical and subassembly builds enable Exxel Technology to effectively produce small or large production jobs and to quickly respond to tight turnaround requirements while maintaining your cost objectives.

This comprehensive know-how and longstanding experience together with commitment to excellence allows us to offer our high quality contract manufacturing services to a variety of customers and industries – when cost-effectiveness, turn around time and performance are vital.

Contract Manufacturing - Twist and Bend Machine by Exxel Techology Pte LtdOur Contract Manufacturing Service Range Includes:

  • • Global Sourcing
  • • Proof of Concept
  • • Prototyping
  • • Wire Harnessing
  • • Panel Wiring
  • • Electro-mechanical and Sub-assembly Builds
  • Complete Box Build
  • • Volume Manufacturing
  • • Installation, Testing and commissioning


Why choose Exxel Technology to be your Outsourcing Partner when there are so many me-too Contract Manufacturing company out there?

Exxel Technology offers diverse expertise in co-developing Build to Print programs that reduce manufacturing costs and speed time-to-market for our customers—whether our customers require a program for one-off manufacturing or higher volume production

Our purpose is to deliver technical and innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their purpose and vision. Exxel Technology has the expertise, equipment, and specialized skills for efficient electronic contract manufacturing. Whether you require cable assembly only or final product assembly, full supply chain management or just part of it you can rely on Exxel Technology to provide a tailored service.


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