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Exxel Quality Policy StatementExxel Technology Pte Ltd - Quality Assurance

Exxel Technology is your leading partner in the manufacturing of customized automation system and equipment that are basically used in the manufacturing industries such as:

  • • Electronic industries
  • • Automotive industries
  • • Oil industries
  • • Marine industries
  • • Aerospace industries
  • • Medical industries and
  • • Facilities industries among others


It is our interest to serve you to the best of our ability and capacity. As a Services and Solution Provider, we have over the years built and enhanced our knowledge, skills and know-how in all expect of automation system and equipment manufacturing.

At Exxel Technology, our management team is dedicated to performing an annual review of the Quality Policy and its objectives. Amidst a highly competitive domestic and international market, Exxel Technology is committed to improving our quality objectives when appropriate. Moreover, Management Representatives and Heads of Departments throughout the firm are responsible for briefing all employees of Exxel Technology on quality objectives. We believe it is imperative that all our employees understand our company’s quality policy and strive towards achieving it.


In our bid to assure our clients of quality products and services, here is our Quality Policy Statement.

Quality Policy of Exxel Technology Pte Ltd

We are committed to:

  • • Provide products of high quality with careful consideration and in a consistent manner.
  • • Continuously strive to improve our customer satisfaction levels through the provision of high-quality products.
  • • Unceasingly improve on the quality management systems and other related activities.
  • • Comply with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification standards on quality management system requirements alongside with ensuring continuous sustainability of the system.
  • • Perform an annual review of the quality policy and objectives and make improvements when necessary.
  • • Ensure that customer requirements are understood by all personnel in our company through briefing sessions regularly done by the management and department heads.


We at Exxel Technology are strongly committed to fulfilling our mission and vision statement for the benefit of our customers.


Contact us at sales@exxeltech.com for a non-obligated discussion to fulfill your specific manufacturing needs.


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