ISO 9001:2008 / BizSafe Level 3 / IPC-WHMA-A-620 Accreditation


Exxel Technology believes that every responsible, competent, and experienced manager and business owner should know and understand the importance of quality control on company products and services, as well as, the safety of the workplace and personal health of every personnel under them in relation with company success. There should be no competition and compromise between the so-called Workplace Safety and Healthy (WSH) observance and a company’s success and profitability because, ideally, they complement each other. In this regard, availing and taking advantage of accreditation like ISO 9001:2008 and BizSafe Level 3 certification is a must for our company.


The ISO 9001 is an international accreditation that Exxel Technology has. It also has BizSafe Level 3 Certification which ensures that we understand and adhere to the provided standards relating to the safety of our workplace and the health of our workers. Both, ISO 1900 and BizSafe Level 3 certification are promulgated from high management to the lowest employee rank of our organization.



IPC_logo_WHMA620_certTR_2cIPC/WHMA-A-620 certification is an industry-approved and traceable program that  demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement of cable and wire harness  quality and reliability which  represent  recognition, legitimacy and value throughout the electronics industry.






Exxel Technology ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


Exxel Technology Pte Ltd ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate



Exxel Technology BizSafe Level 3 Certificate

Exxel Technology Pte Ltd - BizSafe Level 3 Certificate




Exxel Technology IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certificate


Exxel Technology is a IPC Certified Trainer


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